Vip Enrollment Instructions

Please follow these instructions step by step:


  1. Please go here to donate to VIP Enrollment:
  2. Make a $20 donation
  3. Please take a screen shot of your transaction on Facebook Donate with your Facebook Name inside the notes inside Facebook Donate - Also be sure toda
  4. Please like our page so we can add you to Cyberflix VIP IV Facebook Group - Click this link to like us:
  5. Once you have done all the above steps, please message us with your screen shots of your Go Fund Me Transaction - Click the "CLICK HERE TO MESSAGE US" button below to message us
  6. Our staff members will contact you asap thru Cyber Cloud Media - Please be patience we will get to you first come, first serve.
  7. Do not pm any admins personally unless you are directed by a admin to do so.
  8. Please do not add any admins as friends unless they ask you to send them a friends req


Make a Donation from Facebook

Make a Donation from Facebook

Please click here to donate thru Facebook Donate 

Cash Me APP Donation


 Please click here to donate thru Cash Me App

Sign Up for a Free Cash.ME Account


Sign up for a free cash app account and get $5.00 back after you use the app to transfer your first $20.  It's free so sign up and they send you a debit card to use just like paypal.  It's also the EASIEST way to buy and sell Bitcoin that there is available to anyone today.  ONE CLICK BUY & SELL BITCOIN